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Christopher Barroccu is a Professional Actor Headshots Cardiff photographer. Spotlight approved, Christopher has built extensive experience in the area of portraiture and has snapped, filmed and lit many performers, actors, musicians and models for over 24 years. 


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Payment in full is required on the day of the shoot before the session starts.

Above all else, wear clothes that are comfortable and make you feel great. But it’s always best to keep things simple – we want the focus to be on your face, not on what you’re wearing. Darker clothes are less distracting, so a simple black T-Shirt / blouse is always a good option, but also bring a good variety of alternatives in solid colours that you think work well with your hair and skin tones, and we can choose together what’s likely to work best for you when you arrive.

Avoid large logos and branded clothing, as well as busy patterns and large stripes, and definitely no sequins / glitter / studs etc. Different necklines can have an impact on the shape of your face in-camera, so bring a variety of styles – not just the same style of top in different colours. Polo-necks are almost always a bad idea, as they crowd the face.

Your headshot should look as natural as possible – a guaranteed way to irritate Casting Directors is to turn up to an audition looking nothing like the headshot they called you in on! I normally suggest that my clients do their hair and make up as they would normally do it themselves.

If your hair is long enough, I always suggest shooting with it both up and down to give you a variety of looks, so please bring any hair products and brush that you would normally use to style your hair in different ways.

Much like my advice on hair and make-up, I always recommend that your final headshots should be as natural-looking as possible. So whilst I will use Photoshop to do some re-touching, I’ll use it sparingly.

Within all the package prices, I’ll correct anything that’s temporary, such as skin blemishes and redness, or just a bit untidy, such as flyaway hairs, but if there are any cosmetic issues that you particularly want to address, such as teeth whitening, under-eye circles and lines etc. I’m generally happy to do that for a minimal extra fee, as long we’re still in the ballpark of cosmetic tweaks rather than cosmetic surgery!

I don’t believe in just sending you all of the images that we create during the shoot; in a typical headshot session, I’ll often take at least 65 shots, and I think sending them all at once can just feel a little overwhelming. But I’m also aware that the images that I think work best may not always be my clients’ favourites, so I upload the best angles for you to view online via your personal gallery  and you get to choose your top 10. 

After that, I will send you the high resolution images via wetransfer where you can download them to your personal computer and then your free to use the images anyway you like.

If you require any additional images then you are welcome to purchase them for:

1-3 – £25 each

4-10 – £15 each

10+ £10 each


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