Where do you work?

We work all over the world and love to travel. Wherever there is a good story to capture, we will be there!


We work on a first come first serve basis and we can get booked quite far in advance. So, if you are interested in working with us please don’t hesitate to get in touch. To secure your date we ask for a deposit to be paid and a booking form to be completed with the remaining balance due 60 days before your wedding date.

Do you do this full-time?

No. Christopher also works in the TV & Film Industry as a Lighting Director and Joann also shoots editorial and for mainstream press agencies. These skills and trends in our work keeps us fresh and is portrayed at our weddings. Variety is the spice of life.

how many weddings do you shoot a year?

We shoot a limited number of weddings a year and we never shoot back to back weddings either. This is to insure that we keep our energy high on the day to guarantee we perform at our best and maintain only the highest quality of service and photography for every one of our couples. We only accept one wedding commission a month, in total 12 weddings a year. We give our clients our everything.

What happens of a camera breaks?

We always carry back-up equipment with us on the day, such as camera bodies, lenses and memory cards so that we can be confident that no matter what happens, we have you covered. Also, as our cameras have duo card slots, all of our photo files are backed up on-camera as we shoot and to keep things extra safe, we back them up in multiple physical as well as cloud drives when we get back to the studio so all of your precious memories are looked after and as safe as possible.

what's your delivery time?

We will deliver a full gallery to our clients online within 8-10 weeks of the date of shooting. A big part of our job is in post production. We cull the shots to create a narrative and then maticulousley edit shot-by-shot. This takes time. We do not outsource this process and do it all ourselves and our priority is to make sure we deliver a collection of images we personally love and believe in and not a rush job. But don’t worry, we will always send you a little sneak peak soon after our shoot together!

Is there a problem if you have never visited or shot at a venue before?

Not at all! In fact we thrive in new places as well as old favourites as it gets our creative juices flowing and provides us with endless inspiration. However, if you prefer to organise a venue visit together to show us around and discuss ideas, then this can also be arranged.

how many hours are included in your wedding day?

Our priority is to capture your day and your unique story so for this reason we provide an all day service to all of our clients. We do not work by the hour but by the event so when you book us you have our full attention. Unless otherwise agreed, we will arrive quite early on in the day, starting when you are getting ready and leaving sometime into the night.

I'm camera shy!

That’s a very normal feeling. In fact one of the first things that our couples tell us when we first meet is “we feel awkward in front of the camera.” Part of the process leading up to your wedding is us meeting (in person or virtually) to get to know each other a little more and this means that by the time your wedding day comes along, we will not be strangers with cameras, but hopefully friends at your service. On the day itself, we have a very friendly, relaxed and unobtrusive way of working and over the years have developed excellent ways to make you feel fully comfortable in front of our cameras. So don’t worry, let us take care of it and we can guarantee you will be surprised by how comfortable you will feel.

what's your fee?

We create tailor made packages to suit the individuality of our clients and their requests. If you are interested in a quote, please get in touch and tell us a little bit more about yourselves and your plans.

We are not planning a wedding but love your photos. Do you also offer couple shoots?

Yes we do! We also offer couple shoots and individual shoots and they are wonderful ways of greating authentic images.

How many pictures do you deliver?

Every wedding is different but we will always deliver a minimum of 500 images in a variety of black & white and colour edited in our signature style.

Can you recommend great suppliers?

Yes of course! We have worked with some incredible suppliers and should you decide to book us, we can definitely put you in contact with some wonderful people and businesses.


We would love to help answer any questions you many still have. Please get in touch and tell us what’s on your mind.

Christopher Barroccu

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