Wales Drama Multi-Camera Director of Photography

Wales Drama Multi-Camera Director of Photography

Christopher Barroccu has gained the unique skills of Lighting Multi Camera Drama’s in the studio or on location. Nothing compromised Christopher uses his experience to approach the best way to shoot and light a scene using his knowledge and technical skills.

Christopher has lit many many scenes for multi camera dramas such as Eastenders, Coronation Street etc. He can work efficiently, creatively and comfortable under pressure and is the leasing Wales Drama Multi-Camera Director of Photography.

Christopher joined the BBC at age 17 where he learnt the craft of Picture Control, Lighting and Camera Operation. Regularly working on a variety of productions in the UK including Eastenders, Coronation Street, Cbeebies, Pobol Y Cwm. This has given Christopher extensive experience in working in a multitude of studio setups & locations some of which using multiple cameras.

Christopher is very personable and extremely easy & flexible to work with and has the ability to work fast and under pressurised environments.

Christopher is available to work worldwide

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Christopher Barroccu

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