Luxury Lake Garda Destination Wedding Photographer

Christopher Barroccu is a Luxury Lake Garda Destination Wedding Photographer his storytelling is reserved for a sophisticated and discerning client who appreciates style, wants the very best and for whom photography is a high priority.

Luxury Lake Garda Destination Wedding Photographer

Lake Garda Light

Lake Garda is knows for it’s dramatic light & scenery.

Christopher is known for his use of location, light, artistic eye and unobtrusive style and with his background as a freelance TV & Film Lighting Director these elements are used to create stunning images that elicit rave reviews time after time.

Christopher offers only the very finest wedding photography to his clients.


Why Choose Us

There are no two weddings alike. We treat every wedding as a new creative project capturing your personalities and exceeding your creative expectations. 


“We are photographers & film makers. For us, wedding photography is about capturing memories whilst film making is about telling a story. In our photographs, we seek to fuse these two ideas together and blur the lines between memory and story telling through the cinematic manipulation of light and shadow mixed with raw emotion.”

Christopher Barroccu

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